9 Causes of Car Insurance Claims Rejected

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Having insurance for vehicles, can help reduce costs when things happen that are not desirable. But the car owner is good to understand correctly each insurance clause.

So they can understand very well about what needs to be prepared, what makes their claims approved or rejected. Although the language may be difficult to understand, there is nothing wrong from the beginning asking for a clear explanation to make it easier in the future.

Rejection of claims by insurance companies is caused by several factors. Certainly, because it is not in accordance with some agreements at the first time. Therefore, it needs to be understood what are the causes of claims denied and the reasons.

  1. Damage Occurs Before the Car is Insured
    In general damage, the insurance company will return the vehicle as before. Therefore it is necessary to do surveys and photographs as evidence. This explains, if the car has been damaged before being insured, then certainly can not be claimed.
  2. Policy Not in Waiting Period
    The waiting period in insurance is a certain period after the policy is issued. Vehicle insurance costs are not guaranteed by the policy. This waiting period is one month after signing the clause.
  3. Accidental Damage
    Must be understood, if the damage to the car caused by the insured is intentional. Suppose the insured accidentally crashed his car into another car. Or he hits the vehicle to dent, then this cannot be claimed. Or deliberately hit a flood that could make the car go on strike. As a result, the machine entered water (watter hammer), this also did not get a guarantee.
  4. Policy Is Not Active (Lapse)
    If the insurance policy is not active, insurance can not be claimed because of several conditions. This inactive state is also called lapse. Insurance companies are not willing to pay insurance claims when the policy is in lapse.
  5. Deadline
    Insurance claims can be delayed or even denied. Occurs when claim processing exceeds the time specified in the policy. Insurance always provides a certain time limit for handling claims. After that, claims can be rejected. Car insurance claims must be taken care of because the deadline is short, only 3×24 hours.
  6. Incomplete Driver Document
    Documents must be complete. Starting from a photocopy of the insurance policy, a photocopy of the driver’s license and vehicle registration and of course the claim submission form. A certificate from the police is also needed if there is heavy damage. In addition, the photo is also one of the evidences when trying to submit an insurance claim.
  7. Drivers Violating the Law
    Claims can be denied, if the policyholder violates the law. For example, if he has a comprehensive type of insurance, then his car accident because of reckless driving or breaking traffic. Then certainly can not submit a claim. The same thing applies, if the policyholder does not have a SIM when driving, park in random places and get drunk.
  8. Event Area Not Included in the contract
    An insurance policy might include a clause regarding the area in the agreement. Claims are only served if events occur in certain areas. If someone insures their vehicle in Indonesia, for example. Then the policy states that the claim can only be filed if he has an accident in Indonesia. means the claim is rejected if he has an accident abroad.
  9. Not Reporting Additional Accessories
    If adding a car accessory, it must report to the insurance company. The owner is also required to attach the value of the accessory coverage. The goal is that if a claim occurs, the accessory can be protected by the insurance company. For the addition of Non Standard Accessories (NSA) will be charged the same rate. Can be imposed on the vehicle and multiplied by the NSA value, to get the premium value that needs to be added. The addition of premiums is limited to the remaining periods that have not yet been served.